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You may notice that your eyes are dry and itchy, or have recently become red or watery. You can even feel that there is something in it, even if the mirror tells you there is nothing. One of the most common complaints of patients during winter is dry eyes.

In cold climates, cold wind and dry air in combination with dry room heating can be a reason for eye complaints. Dryness and irritation can be very debilitating for those who wear contact lenses or have a chronic dry eye condition.

Harsh weather conditions can reduce the natural moisture in the eyes, and irritation usually causes burning or itching, which often causes rubbing or scratching of the eye and can worsen symptoms. Sometimes you feel there is a foreign object in your eyes. Dry eyes can even cause excessive tears when your eyes try to compensate for the lack of protective tears. Prolonged and untreated dry eyes can also cause vision problems.

Here are eight tips to keep your eyes comfortable during the winter months: