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Unfortunately, bad vision is becoming a common condition in both adults and children. Some children are likely to have vision problems at a very early age. Some children get vision problems while they are growing. Wearing glasses is one of the best alternatives for a vision problem.

But the question is “Is Lasik surgery safe for children”?
Let’s get into details and know about this Lasik surgery.

What Is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Your eye works based on two parts, the cornea and the lens which refracts light that focuses on your retina. If they get disturbed by any means you’ll get eye problems. In such conditions, LASIK procedure helps you to get back your normal vision.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Ok For Children?

LASIK – Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is a common laser eye surgery performed to treat vision problems like nearsighted (myopia), farsighted (hyperopia) and astigmatism. In Lasik eye surgery a special cutting laser is precisely used to alter the shape of your cornea in order to improve vision problems.

Can children get LASIK Eye Surgery?

There is very little proven evidence which supports the LASIK procedure is safe and good for children. Some ophthalmologists might opt LASIK on young patients who have extreme vision problems like anisometropic amblyopia, or lazy eye. Usually, children who have lazy eye problems are recommended eyeglasses or contact lenses or other eye patches to improve vision. If these conventional treatments are ineffective, in rare situations, some doctors might go for LASIK surgery for children.

In some conditions, LASIK procedure provides promising results for children. For Eg: In conditions where a child is having one eye grossly nearsighted or farsighted compared to the other. Such conditions could possibly cause the optic atrophy which is a severe condition. It happens more quickly in children. If proper treatment is not provided to the child they may lose the eye permanently.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Ok For Children?

Ideally, such conditions can be treated with contact lenses. If they don’t work, there is little evidence that laser eye surgery might be beneficial. However, if your child has any vision problems consult expert doctors. Never take a chance and blindly go for laser surgeries. There were a lot of complications involved in laser surgeries when it comes to growing children.

The Argument Of LASIK For Children

LASIK surgery is effective in improving the vision of many people and help them to live free of their glasses or contact lenses. Now many people are wondering whether LASIK is the right option or not for their children with vision problems. Of course, the subject is controversial, where most doctors are unwilling to treat the developing eye of a child. However, some doctors believe that some situations may benefit children from LASIK.

LASIK surgery for people under 18 years is not approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Expert ophthalmologist says young child’s eyes are not fully developed. The shape of the eyes will continue to change until adulthood. Lasik will be a temporary solution because there is a chance that vision problems will continue even after LASIK surgery.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Ok For Children?

So LASIK surgery should be performed after a person’s vision becomes stabilized. Doctors say that the growth of the eye typically stabilizes around 20 or 21 years of age. Apart from children, FDA does not approve LASIK for people who had a change in their vision power in the previous year. These changes are common in late teens and early 20’s.

Another reason that LASIK surgery is not preferred for children, because it is an elective surgery associated with severe complications. After Lasik surgery, some people might face vision problems like double vision, glare, halos, problems with night vision and sometimes even loss of vision.

If your child has any vision problems consult an expert doctor before you make a decision about treatment. For more information about Lasik surgery for adults or children contact our top Ophthalmologist in Hyderabad at Global Eye Hospital.