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Best Retina Eye Surgery Hospital in Kukatpally Hyderabad

Retina Surgery in KPHB and Retina specialist in Hyderabad

Retinal detachment treatment in Kukatpally

Retina Surgery is an extreme measure taken only when a patient suffers excess damage to the retina, and more commonly the cases are of a detached retina. A patient suffering from a detached retina goes through a severe, painful ordeal, wherein the condition is a vision-threatening one. A detached retina causes extremely poor or blurred vision for the patient, and to solve the same, doctors usually treat it as a medical emergency, needing immediate treatment/surgery. A detached retina is generally caused when the retina itself is separated from its normal position or pulled away from the blood vessels, which are the carriers of nutrients and oxygen to the retina. The main functionality required for the retina is oxygen, and once the supply is cut off, the feature begins to falter, resulting in experiences like a sudden loss of vision.

The retina needs to be immediately treated with a retinal detachment surgery, and failure to do so promptly could very well result in permanent loss of eyesight on the affected eye.

Retina Eye hospital in Hyderabad

At Global eye Hospital, our doctors are highly experienced individuals who have been treating retinal problems including that of conducting retina surgery and know exactly what a patient might need. A retinal detachment problem could also be solved early if symptoms like a retinal tear are treated promptly, but in most cases of retinal detachment, surgery is an absolute necessity.

Our doctors will advise on a retinal surgery if the case is that of retinal detachment, and for the same, they will conduct an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

At Global Eye Hospital, our ophthalmologists are well equipped and experienced in treating retina detachment problems with a retina surgery. At our surgical unit, we provide solutions to three major types of retinal detachments among others, including, Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment, Tractional Retinal Detachment and Exudative Retinal Detachment, which are the three most severe and common retinal detachment problems patients come in with.

At Global Eye Hospitals our doctors and Ophthalmologists are best equipped to deal with retinal surgery, along with the aid of the best in technology required for operations like these as well as with the help of our highly trained staff. All these factors make Global Eye Hospital, the best eye care facility in Hyderabad.