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Best Hospital for Pterygium surgery in Hyderabad

Pterygium Surgery in Kukatpally Hyderabad

Pterygium Surgery Treatment in Hyderabad

Global Eye Hospital is the place for the most advanced procedures when it comes to problems of the eye. One of the most advanced treatments that we conduct at our hospital involves the Conjunctival Autograft for Pterygium.

What is Pterygium?

Pterygium is a specific growth from the conjunctiva, which fleshy and wing-shaped, that crosses over on to the cornea of the eye. The primary cause for Pterygium is the exposure to ultraviolet light, which aids in its formation. What Pterygium does is, it impairs vision, limits movements of the eye and tends to cause massive irritation in the eye. Patients also experience a foreign body sensation in their eyes as well as acute dryness. Pterygium tends to grow over the entire surface of the cornea, which eventually with time blocks the whole of the visual axis. For Pterygium, surgery remains as the only option of treatment, namely the conjunctival Autograft procedure.

This is not an uncommon condition, as it could be found in every part of the world in good numbers, but the conjunctival autograft treatment for pterygium involves plenty of complexities and thus is part of an advanced treatments unit at Global Eye Hospital.

Best Pterygium Treatment in KPHB

What is Conjunctival Autograft treatment?

With surgery becoming the only viable option for Pterygium, Conjunctival Autograft is the recommended treatment for the issue. There are methods like a simple excision technique, but the recurrence of the problem with these are much higher. However, when Tissue graft is combined with the pterygium excision, the recurrence rate lowers at a drastic rate.

In the conjunctival autograft surgery, our surgeons will collect conjunctival tissue from another part of the patient’s eye, which along with limbal tissue is combined or resected into one piece and then the same is used to cover the area from where the excision of pterygium takes place.

The Conjunctival Autografting surgery has born good results for patients with Pterygium problems, but the nature of the problem is such that it has chances of recurrence. However, the chances of recurrence with Conjunctival Autografting surgery for Pterygium is much lower compared to other methods like simple excision techniques or amniotic membrane graft.
At Global Eye Hospital, we have the best facilities, with the most advanced equipment and technical support to conduct the most accurate procedures of the eye, including Conjunctival Autograft surgery for Pterygium.