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Best Pediatric Eye Hospital in Hyderabad KPHB

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Children find it difficult to explain what’s going wrong with them, so when they complain about vision, it is very important that you take your child to an ophthalmologist who will be able to examine precisely in order to understand the condition.

Children are likely to face issues of the vision of two types, congenital and acquired. Children with congenital eye defects suffer from the disorder since their birth, and defects that are acquired like the refractive errors, color blindness and a few more are either caused due to genetics or other underlying conditions.

Pediatric Ophthalmologists in KPHB

Global Eye Hospital’s department of pediatric ophthalmology treats a range of eye defects including cataract and squint corrections. Cataracts are rare in infants and children. It may be congenital due to heredity, infection or complications during pregnancy, or low birth weight.

It is vital that the treatment for correction in any of the two cases of congenital and acquired, should begin as soon as the condition is diagnosed because it might just elevate or worsen, leaving not much scope for our doctors to recover or restore the sight even after treatment at a later stage.

The department of pediatric ophthalmology at Global Eye Hospital is enriched with a team of doctors who excel in the fields of both pediatrics and ophthalmology to better understand the struggles of our little patients.

You can book an appointment or bring your child directly to our Hospital for a consult, to being the journey of recovery and restoration at the earliest.