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Best Lasik Eye Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad

Lasik Surgery in Hyderabad

Best Lasik Treatment in Kukatpally

The race for technology to provide groundbreaking results in solving medically inclined problems took a decisive turn with the successful introduction of the Lasik Laser Surgery. One of the revolutionary revelations of modern medical science, the state-of-the-art vision correcting procedure is available for patients at global Eye Hospital in Hyderabad. While it has helped so many across the world and afforded them to dream to see the world without any obstructions, has been one of the best services offered at Global Eye Hospital. While we have conducted many procedures for optimum success, we wish to continue this trend and keep helping our patients to see things as clearly as possible.

Lasik operation in KPHB

LASIK Laser Surgery corrects the problematic vision in a person, by modifying the front surface of the cornea, which in turn lets light rays to focus much better on the retina. Using a device known as the microkeratome, an ultra-thin flap of corneal tissue is first created, then folded over. Further to this, the laser then is applied to the next layer of the corneal tissue, thus reshaping the corneal contour which helps in removing the refractive inaccuracies. IT is this Corneal flap which is then folded back into its original position, wherein the bonding takes place, without the need for any stitches of any kind.

Lasik Laser Surgery is the best possible solution for patients with conditions such as –

  • Myopia
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Conditions that affect clear vision