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To choose the best hospital for cataract surgery, you have to be well informed and clear about Cataract, it’s causes, symptoms, and procedures. So, here is a glimpse into the world of Cataract.

What is Cataract:

Best Hospital for Cataract Operation in Hyderabad

Just like a camera, the eye can also see when light enters it. Inside the eye, a clear natural lens, much like the lens of a camera is present. It centers the light beams getting through the pupil onto the retina at the back of the eye. Various parts of the retina gather this light and send a message to the brain, enabling you to see. This lens gets cloudy due to the development of cataract thus scatters the light rays that pass through.

Due to cataract development if you are facing problems in performing daily activities then why delay? Visit our Best Cataract Eye Hospital in Kukatpally.

Cataract surgery

Best Hospital for Cataract Operation in Hyderabad

The growth of cataract may cause problems while reading and night driving. The symptoms of cataracts grow slowly and cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.Cataract surgery is a procedure done by an ophthalmologist.

Causes of Cataracts:

Best Hospital for Cataract Operation in Hyderabad

The most common cause of cataract is due to progressive deterioration of proteins in the natural lens and loss of tissue function due to aging. There are some other causes such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Eye diseases, or infection
  • Post eye surgery reactions
  • Genetic disorders
  • Kidney diseases
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammation inside the eye
  • Smoking
  • Long uses of certain medications can also cause cataract

Most of them have a misunderstanding that cataracts are seen only in older age people. However, cataracts may also see in children and even a newborn baby due to genetic disorder or infection.
Hence, it is recommended to people of all ages to get suggestions for good eye vision, and well-being. Visit the Best Cataract Eye Hospital in Hyderabad.

Symptoms that are seen After Cataract Development

Best Hospital for Cataract Operation in Hyderabad

Symptoms due to cataract development:

  • You may see multiple images or double images
  • Difficulty in driving at night time
  • Cloudy vision
  • Colours of objects may appear faded
  • Coloured haloes
  • Poor eyesight at night
  • Difficulty in reading in dim light

Procedure Of Cataract Eye Surgery:

Best Hospital for Cataract Operation in Hyderabad

A week or two before the surgery, the doctor will examine the eyes and suggests tests to know the size and shape of the eye. 12 hours before the surgery, ophthalmologist will suggest not to eat or drink anything.

Cataract surgery is done in a hospital and procedure is as follows:

    • The area around the eye will be numbed by using the anesthesia injection or some eye drops.
    • You will be awake during surgery. You may see the light and movement during the surgery, yet you won’t perceive what the specialist is doing to your eye.
  • The doctor will do a minimal invasion (cuts, made by laser or a blade) close to the edge of your cornea to reach the lens in your eye. Surgeon will remove the lens with cataract by using the instruments and then insert the new artificial lens in its place.
  • As these are self-sealing incisions, they will close by themselves over time, hence there is no need for stitching.
  • A shield or a cover will be placed over your eye to protect it from infections while you heal from surgery.
  • After the surgery, you are sent to the recovery area for rest about 15–30 minutes. Then you will be discharged from the hospital.

How to Choose Best Eye Cataract Surgery Hospital:
As a sensitive organ, the eye must be cared for properly. If not, you may experience some complications such as problem in vision, blurred vision, eye infections, and many more. To avoid the complications related to the eye, you should follow instructions as suggested by the doctor. If you are not clear, we are here to help you to choose Best eye cataract surgery Hospital in Hyderabad.

Check whether the Hospital surgeon is using the safe and latest equipment procedure technology.

Some hospitals operate older and less accurate technology. Using the latest advancements in technology, equipment, and surgical procedures, will ensure that you are more likely to get superior results with greater comfort and fewer chances of error. Using the old technologies of cataract surgery, is painful and complicated. Nowadays the development of latest technology for the entire process of cataract surgery has become comparatively quick and less painful.

It is important to choose a hospital which has good reviews on the internet in performing successful operations in the past. It is, therefore, compulsory for the hospital to make sure everything is done right and to take every step of the surgery with caution.

Care and Hospitality:
The cataract surgery is not like other surgeries where you get treated, get discharged, and take bed rest at home. Cataracts surgeries take time to heal, thus making it mandatory for you to stay under the supervision of a doctor for the entire recovery period.

The hospital should have an employee who can take care of you throughout the recovery time and committed support staff. The eyes should be continuously monitored by the doctor to make sure any infections or unusual changes are attended and treated.

This is important that you need to know and check before you choose the Best cataract surgery hospital in KPHB.

Choose a Hospital Instead of Clinic:
As eyes are the sensitive part of the body, make sure that the surgery is performed at the hospital rather than a clinic. Hospital is chosen, which are well equipped with modern technology and with 5-star ratings.

Choose well qualified and expert doctors.
If you know any cataract surgeon, it is better to know their credentials before making any plans. The basic qualification is to have a board certified from any of the university. The board certification is given only when they meet the standards. You can verify a surgeon through the Indian Board of Ophthalmology.

Experience is more important than education. They should attend regular workshops and meetings to gain up to date knowledge so that they can perform the surgery by using the latest technology and get expert knowledge.

Check Doctors Location and Working Hours
Consider the location of the Hospital. It should be near to home within a short drive or walkable distance from the house so that in an emergency you can visit the hospital at the earliest. Check the working hours of the doctor and also after-hours care.

Get Referrals from People You Know
You may feel more comfortable when known person refers to a doctor. Ask your relatives, friends, neighbors, family members to refer the best cataract surgeon and ask them if they were happy with the procedure done by the doctor. You can also ask them general questions for e.g., about the experience, and get information that a surgeon may not tell you.

By the above things, You Know How to Choose the Best Cataract Hospital and Surgeon.

Now that you have the points to decide on selecting the best cataract Hospital surgeon to perform the surgery, you can explore your alternatives. Perform careful and persistent work or effort until you are alright with the doctor you pick. Your vision is a significant part of life, and you need to have the correct decision.

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